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Our clients
experience dramatic and life-changing

We’ve been honored by the kind words that we have received over the years and thankful for all lives we have touched. 

I began my first Lean Love program in 2010 weighing 215 pounds and thinking I really didn’t have all that much weight to lose. By sticking to the Lean Love program, I lost 12 pounds during the first 2 weeks of the program. As the weeks passed the pounds kept coming off and I began to feel stronger internally and more sharp mentally. I ended the 6 week program weighing 193 pounds….a total loss of 22 pounds. For the past 2 years I have trained and completed two IronMan races which I have worked 1-on-1 with Theresa to fine tune what my body needed while doing such intense training. Whatever my personal health goals are, I do it through Intentional Nourishment.

Jason C.


I started the Lean Love Lifestyle program because I needed something in my life to change. I was constantly making excuses NOT to change. It started with I just had a baby, then after she turned 2 it was because I no longer lived in California (where organic farm fresh food was abundant), then the excuses kept adding up. Well after reaching nearly 200lbs I realized if I want to be a healthy role model to my beautiful 5 year old girl, I had to start with myself. As a nurse I knew that i was not living a healthy lifestyle. When I looked in the mirror I knew that the person i saw wasn’t the ME I knew. I desperately wanted to change everything but I didn’t know where to even begin. I spoke with Theresa who is well aware of my schedule and personal strengths/weaknesses and she recommended the Lean Love Lifestyle program. After working nights, days, afternoons, 12’s, 16’s and 8hr shifts, I had no eating patterns and no discipline. I was excited and terrified to begin this journey… I was eating so “conveniently” for many years. I dived in head first. What amazed me the most is how much you COULD eat, not how much you couldn’t eat! This program “reprogrammed” my relationship with food, myself, and my family. Over all I ended up losing about 20-25lbs and that is without exercising. I am not by any means saying don’t exercise I just didn’t have time when i started. I have been maintaining a very similar eating plan and now it is December and I am down to 160lbs. This combination has me into clothes I haven’t worn in a very long time! I worked for this and I needed this program to kickstart me in more ways than I realized at the time! I’m sleeping better, making better decisions, I have more energy, my skin looks better, I can focus better and I have more patience. I have more patience for my daughter, my patients and for myself. I cannot recommend it more. The only thing I would do differently is add a workout plan with it…at the time I just didn’t have the time to do a steady plan. I loved it and will do it again…or maybe take it up a notch!

Jamie A.


Theresa, I am so happy after I did your Clean Sweep program! You made it very easy for me and you were always there for me when I had a question, which was important me – this was my first cleanse. I felt full of energy while doing it and the weight came off so easy! Thank you so much… you really have helped me change my life! And now, thanks to your help, I am still eating healthy. I have lost between 20-25 pounds.

Eric R.


I first did the Lean Love program in 2010 and have subsequently began this program two additional times. I lost 21 pounds in 33 days the first time, 17 pounds in 23 days the second time and am well on my way this third time having already lost more than 6 pounds in 5 days. But more importantly, each time I began, I felt more energy despite eating less. I felt more awake at work, more engaged, and inspired to care for my body. I was not only in a better physical state, but a much better mental state. Because of Theresa’s guidance and my own commitment to my health, I am happier, more confident and have more energy. I vibrate higher.

Annie E.


I have been taking laxatives and stool softeners for as long as I can remember. I am 84 years old and never thought that I could change my health, especially my digestive issues, at this age. I am proud to say that I no longer take anything to help me go, and proudly go very regularly, all by myself!

I started my health-seeking journey of January 2010. I’m a nurse, a wife, and a mom of two children that are 3 and 1 years old. I needed to take control of my body. My over all self-esteem was very low. I was 40 pounds above my normal weight and was told by my doctor I was “pre-diabetic”. Theresa was very helpful during the cleansing stage of the program, and I couldn’t have done it without her support. I will tell you…there were some days that were hard, but when you see the consistent results that other programs don’t give you, it’s easier to stick with it. I lost 27 pounds in 30 days! I ended up 20 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, and weighed what I did in college. It is now December and have still kept it all off…. and still feel great! The only thing I care about is that I feel great and my kids are eating better and will end up being healthier because I’m showing them how to be healthier! I’m giving my body the best chance to be all that it can be!

Pam J.


And here I am. Officially three weeks, without a cocktail, or sacred glass of wine. Oh? And did I mention 15 pounds lighter? Yeah, #thathappened. I’m still working on the last five pounds that I want to lose, so last night, I made the decision to go another week. On a roll…why stop now? But the big moment for me last night was, when I sat down to watch my favorite show (which usually entails me pouring myself a generous glass of wine) I honestly didn’t spend two seconds even considering it, and in the end, I didn’t really miss it, and I felt even better this morning knowing that I didn’t give in. Instead, I folded about six baskets of laundry, guzzled a large bottle of water, fresh lemon and stevia, and woke up this morning at 4:30am and met my girlfriend for a run along Lake Superior. The reason I’m telling you this, is so you know that what you do, what you provide, can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Everyone has their demons, and this program in particular, gave me a way to confront mine. So, thank you.

Rachael V.


Four years ago I had been trying to loose 20 pounds forever and my daughter said “mom lets try Theresa’s program, I think it will really work” as she had been being educated and listening to her about her program. So I did it and lost 18 pounds, my cholesterol dropped 50 points and I felt better than I had ever felt. Never have I had results like this with any other eating/or diet. Mainly had stomach issues and they were gone. Theresa had done a thorough examination of my health, seeing what I needed, and was available to answer any questions I had. I have also listened to her speak about nutrition and she really made me understand things….. I walked away with a better understanding about way different foods affect us in different ways it made so much sense. She really is so knowledgeable & truly caring person and has a passion for what she does, and it shows!!!

Lori M.


I travel a lot for work, so at first I thought I wouldn’t be able to do this program. But I learned quickly, that having the right mindset, it is very doable. I had suffered from some pretty severe chronic heartburn, and also dealt with some IBS issues. By the end of three weeks, both of these problems were basically non-existent. I was able to get off my heartburn medication, and my IBS drastically improved. It made me more aware of how the different foods I put into my body affect me and how I feel. I completed the Intentional Nourishment Lean Love Lifestyle program over a year ago. I was 225 pounds when I started, and when I finished the cleanse, I weighed in at 197 pounds. Overall, this program was a great way for me to lose the extra weight I was carrying as well as cleaning up the digestive system and heartburn. It’s been a great learning experience for me.

Dan V.


What I love most about Theresa’s approach to coaching is she doesn’t shame you into switching your lifestyle. She doesn’t want you to start something you can’t sustain. She would rather you make one or two small changes than set you up for failure with a complete lifestyle re-do. She isn’t going to challenge you for 30-days like the rest of the health programs out there – she’s going to inspire you, and remind you of the life you’ve always been wanting. She’s a friend, an ally and a partner. Theresa has been my personal health coach – steady and strong – for the past three years. I did her Lean Love program first – dropped the baby weight and transitioned into feeling awesome. I honestly couldn’t even tell you how much I lost – I just know that my high school jeans fit like a glove again, maybe even better.

Mal C.


 It is quite a challenge to take on writing a testimonial after going through the work of Intentional Nourishment because I am so compassionate in wanting others to know the empowering journey this can be for them. When it comes to the results, they were overwhelming and far exceeded all the expectations I had going into this journey. The person I started out as was someone that fought exhaustion through my busy days and weighed 224 pounds. The person I became was full of energy and on my final day, I stood on the scale and weighed 194 pounds. It was a true life changing experience to FINALLY lose the weight that seemed impossible to get off. For all who read this as you consider taking part in this journey, take that leap… it has the potential to change you for a lifetime.

Karla M.

Being in college isn’t exactly the easiest place to be when you are trying to get fit and healthy. I play Division 1 Volleyball, so I exercised consistently and worked very hard. In my off-season, I wanted to get my nutrition on the same track. There are many temptations around that can sidetrack you… Being in college, I was sidetracked and I needed a way to get back to a fit and healthy lifestyle. I did Theresa’s Lean Love program for a total of 40 days and let me tell you it was not easy… But it was worth it! I knew that I had to make some changes and with Theresa’s coaching and guidance I was able to drop 35 lbs! It’s always important to live a healthy lifestyle. That was my overall goal and this program definitely helped me get there!

Casey Jean

Before the Lean Love program I was feeling exhausted, depressed, unmotivated and really unhappy. I wasn’t sure I would be able to stick to the program but once my energy skyrocketed and the weight started falling off I was 100% in! The increased energy, vitality, clear-mindedness and calm that I felt was completely unexpected. I am a very cynical person but thought, “Hey, why not? Try it.” And it was the best choice I could have made. It is very helpful to break bad emotional eating habits and start fresh… clear the slate and the body and mind. I’m already planning my next one! Through the course of the program I lost 13 pounds. I went from 153 to 140 in three weeks and have managed to keep off 10 of those pounds! I HIGHLY recommend this program.

Maria I


I have known Theresa for many years. Her passion for, and pursuit of, a career in holistic medicine has at times clashed with my philosophy and training as a traditional medical doctor. Needless to say this dichotomy has made for many spirited conversations over the years. I have always had an interest in holistic medicine but never gave it its due credit until now! In 2009 I agreed to try Theresa’s program actually to show her that it didn’t work! Was I ever surprised. I completed the program and I have not gained back one single pound of the 26 lbs that I lost. I never imagined that I could lose that much weight. I had hoped to lose 10 lbs. I had no idea of all the other areas of my life that would be affected by this “healthy” lifestyle.

While on the program I worked out less than usual and got results like I have never seen. This program is truly a gift. I have never experienced changes like this in my life. I have spent my life studying the human body and I am simply overjoyed with how well it has worked. I am on a mission to share this with all of the people I hold most dear in my life.

Greg S.


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