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It’s about the food, but it’s not about the food.

LEANLOVE is a 60-day wellness program that helps you find a weight that feels good, discover and learn about foods your body loves, and find your way back to feeling your best.

It’s important to me that you know what LEANLOVE is about, how it was created, and why it’s so effective. It started many years ago with my journey of wanting to lose weight. Because it meant I’d be “healthy” and that number on the scale would fix everything else… everything else, meaning ME.

What I ended up with was a dynamic, intriguing, and glorious journey of actually getting to know myself. The journey of weight loss was, and still is, a fascinating process and a continuous unfolding. It’s a teacher, a mirror, and a doorway in. And if you’re willing, it will show you what is really driving the ship underneath that number on the scale.

I mean, isn’t that what you really wanna know? I did… This sparked my curiosity beyond anything before and weight loss became my muse, both clinically and personally.

You’ve heard it before . . . how you do one thing is how you do everything. So, it makes sense that the way you eat is the way you live. Which makes your relationship with food an invaluable tool to reveal your deepest beliefs about being alive — like scarcity, security, deprivation, love, worthiness, ability, possibility, struggle, freedom, and peace.

I want you to know that LEANLOVE was created because I willingly walk every avenue of this path. I take the back roads and willingly venture into every unknown I can find, just to see the truth and possibility on the other side. Because it really is, and always will be, a continuous journey of getting to know yourself better. That is a game I’m always willing to play, and it shows it’s hand every time – if you’re willing to look.

I want you to know, I know it’s about the weight. I really do. And clinically, the LEANLOVE protocol will teach you about nutrition and your body, while giving you a logistical framework that will allow you to drop weight and feel the lightness you’ve been craving. But what I really want for you through LEANLOVE is to come out the other side and also fully get, it’s actually not about the weight…. and really know what that means.

We will connect the dots and your entire perception on “weight loss” shifts. I want you to feel clarity and direction, I want you to be empowered, informed and aware, and with this, you can feel free in the confusing and mysterious world of weight loss.

Vibrate Higher,


ignites and accelerates weightloss in a holistic and healthy way.


the education

Theresa immersed herself in the study of nutrition, naturopathy and functional medicine by learning from the world’s leaders in this space. She’s helped her clients explore their relationship with food and dig deep into patterns that hold them back not just from weight loss, but feeling good and alive in their body.


the discovery

Theresa started looking for a lifestyle-focused weight loss and nutrition program to integrate into her practice and offer to her clients. She was looking for a program that kickstarted weight loss but more so, provided the education to thrive and maintain a healthy lifestyle. She did not find what she was looking for – so she created LEANLOVE.


the growth

Theresa has seen hundreds of clients through her clinical practice, Intentional Nourishment. LEANLOVE has only been available to clients of her clinical practice, until now.


Theresa and her team have developed the fully-virtual LEANLOVE experience for any person who is seeking a healthy weight-loss and lifestyle solution. Along with an online membership site, this program also includes her privately-formulated top-quality supplements, homeopathics, shake mix and recipes. Oh, and hours and hours of coaching videos – a staggering value.






Shake Mixes





Educating yourself is the first step in changing your lifestyle.

ignites and accelerates weightloss in a holistic and healthy way.

Our Mission

Theresa is a nutrition coach, naturopathy and functional medicine expert, healthy lifestyle guru, lover of real food and owner of Intentional Nourishment – a clinical practice focused on helping and educating her clients to live their happiest and healthiest life.

In 2009 Theresa created LEANLOVE in response to the noisy, cluttered weightloss industry filled with empty promises and unsustainable nutrition models. She saw deprivation as the main tactic in many of the plans she researched where food was made out to be the enemy, instead of an ally. She found an abundance of three-day detoxes instead of plans addressing root causes. She witnessed companies selling recipes and food lists with zero support and follow-up. And she certainly couldn’t find a plan that connected the dots between the functional medicine foundations, the food that supports it, and weight loss.

It was in that moment she realized our core human desire of feeling good in our bodies was being capitalized upon by a $66 billion dollar industry.  It was in this realization that she started developing LEANLOVE. (Yes, this program has been around for nearly a decade.)

Theresa focused on developing a nutrition protocol that kick-started weight loss by supporting crucial aspects of your physiology, and in turn, supporting metabolism. She started working with trusted formulators to curate a synergistic combination of homeopathics and supplements designed to ignite and accelerate weight loss in a holistic and healthy way.

Then, on a very small scale, she started offering this program to clients.

The results were massively successful. Clients started referring clients, and solely by word-of-mouth, LEANLOVE became the sought-after program it is today.

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